Educational Building

Aims & Objectives of the Trust

Below list mentions the objectives of the trust, but it is not limited to or restricted by it.

  • Related Trust is established for conservation of the exhaustive interests of Jain Minorities and Jain Community.
  • Start educational activities or take it over for conducting education and research purposes.
  • To start Kindergarten, Nursery, Primary, Middle, High School and in various educational medium.
  • To start Diploma in Pharmacy, Bachelor of Pharmacy, Master of Pharmacy, Doctorate (Ph.D) colleges and conduct research activities.
  • To prepare a requisite Computer system as and when required and run enterprises or takeover.
  • Start training centres in Kindergarten, Nursery, Primary, Middle, High School and in Pharmacy Colleges.
  • Start training centres of Art, Music, Singing, playing of musical instruments.
  • Start computer training classes.
  • Provide educational help for children of needy persons.
  • Arrange Health Camp for women who are victim of cancer. Provide medical facilities free of cost.  Ambulance facility,  provide financial aid,  organize Blood donation camps and to do other social work.
  • To start Small Scale Industries for economical backward class as to create employment for them.  Start Project and manufacture goods etc.

Make A Contribution

A Contribution to realize and achieve Trust's Aim and Objectives, in any monetary and intellectual form is always welcome. Please leave us a message/email an we will get in touch with you.